One week to go!

270. That is the number of days it has been since receiving the call saying we had been chosen to join MAD2Run 2017. 270 days of anticipation, excitement, trepidation and uncertainty.



Kelly and Keith take on IronMan

MADsters Kelly Styane and Keith Power are quasi-amateur triathletes who are really in it for the sexy spandex and horrid tan-lines more than the athleticism and endurance. But they are both spandex-encrusted bundles of enthusiasm and good humour, so we sat down with them and found out about the Triathlon life whilst also being a little mad and taking on the MAD2Run challenge.



Lion’s Head Challenge

Ah Cape Town, how lovely this place is. The sun rises at 5am and sets at 8pm, so much time for fun and adventure surrounding the working day. A surf before entering the office, post work hikes up Table Mountain and even the classic sunrise Lion’s Head climb.

Now a sunrise summit seems like the best idea during a beer or two the night before, but how does 5 in a row sound? Well this was the idea of one of our madder, Madsters, Matthew who thought 5 consecutive 5am ascents was a good idea.

Here’s how they got on…



The MAD Soweto Shake

1 November. It was just over 2 weeks ago, in case you are reading this late, which you could be since we didn’t post this 2 weeks ago (Don’t try be clever.). But if you are reading this later on the week well then the bottom line is the date in question has recently occurred. And you might wonder whyyyyyyyyyyyyy we are making mention of this previous Sunday?

Well, because it was the first gathering and awareness raising event for the MAD2Run 2016 team at the Soweto Half  Marathon! Booya wham pow ka-ching!! (Cool sound effects in your head).

Picture this…


Time Trial

Running a time trial? You’ll see us there!

We’re out and about, doing our best to pile on some milage, raise funds, make sure the bills are paid and all with a smile on on our faces.

Today, 18th November marks 4 months exactly till the great departure from Johannesburg on our 7 day run to Cape Town.

During the week we almost always gather in full force at the Old Parks Time Trial or the Wanderers Time Trial. If you see us,READ MORE

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