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Making A Real Difference

Founded in 2003 by Francois Pienaar, Make A Difference Leadership Foundation (MAD Leadership Foundation) is a holistic full investment scholarship programme. We aim to identify academically talented scholars with leadership potential, who do not have the necessary financial resources, and offer them support in the areas of education, leadership and life-skills development. It is a 9-year personal, financial and comprehensive commitment to each scholar to develop their potential through education, mentorship, wellness and exceptional leadership advancement opportunities.

A Leadership Vision

We seek to develop our scholars to be leaders in their own right and to define the parameters of leadership that are applicable to their lives and their future careers. We encourage and develop our scholars to succeed, serve, educate, learn, lead, motivate, create and inspire, and to stand up for what they believe to be right, to create change and to Make A Difference. We inspire our scholars to embody these characteristics and to apply them to their lives, so as to be a leader who is meaningful and impactful. Therefore our vision is to create an alumni of Make A Difference Leadership Foundation fellows who aim to invest back into South Africa and who are leaders in their own unique way.


The Passion to Make A Difference in the lives of talented, young South Africans with leadership potential.


We are dedicated to identifying and offering scholarships to academically talented young leaders.


Be the difference. Join the movement


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Meet some MADstars


Meet Lwandiso 

The Artist & Runner

Passionate runner. Dedicated. Budding artist.

Lwandiso is a dedicated runner, running on average 13-14kms per day and participating in various half marathon events. He will start his art degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 2016.

He is part of a woodwork program with Vision Africa in Kayamandi, Cape Town where they participate in woodwork, environmental and leadership…


Meet Hlonelikhaya

The Psychologist & Dancer

Energetic. Fitness fanatic. Big dreamer.

Hlonelikhaya is currently studying Psychology at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

He always makes time to assist Grade 12’s with tertiary and bursary applications to help others reach their full potential.

He also established a tutoring programme in the Port Elizabeth townships to assist Grade 10 – 12’s with preparation for their final…


Meet Mamory

The Academic & Soccer star

Active. Hard worker. Bubbly.

Mamory currently attends Good Hope Girls Seminary School.

She works incredibly hard to maintain her academic average of 77%.

Fitness plays a very important role in her life as it assists her to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to continue achieving her best, as well as work towards her dream of playing for the South African Women’s Soccer…