What Was Different

The Road to R500,000

The Team

We have an entirely new group of inspired MAD Runners – Support them in this wild adventure

Donation Target

Team 2016 have set their sights on handing over R500,000 to the MAD Leadership Foundation

Day Sponsors

Sponsor a day and our runners will do and wear whatever your wildest imagination can muster up.

MAD Events

Golf days & Comedy evenings will remain but we’ve added some awesome new events to help raise funds while having a jam in the process

The Route

It's a long way!


Our Sponsors

The ones who make it all possible

They're all a little bit MAD

About Us

Those who live and act with passion will never fail to attract a healthy following inspired by the way they act. In saying that we are extremely excited about our ‘Team 2016′. Team 2016 is younger than ever before with the average age tinkering in the mid-twenties and this has breathed life into the MAD2Run brand and it is humbling to see what our youth are willing to sacrifice for the benefit of their peers. This year we are proud to say that 1/3 of the team are women, so gorgeous they are sure to keep the boys in good shape and up to speed but more importantly they add a very tangible energy to the group.

MAD Team 2016
MAD2RUN Soweto 2

2016 poses an exciting twist as we seek to reach our goal of raising R500,000 for the MAD Leadership Foundation. With Multichoice, WeChat and Lets Play already on board, we are challenging more brands to come on board and sponsor each day of the run – total ownership, total power over what we wear or do while running! The scope is endless and we want you to join us in Making A Difference. Every penny goes to the MAD Leadership Foundation, a cause we are all passionate about with every bone in our body.