What’s new for 2017?

The road to R1,000,000

The Team

Our numbers for 2017 have doubled! For the first time we have a team based in Johannesburg and a team in Cape Town. Both team’s will be taking on the same challenge!

Donation Target

As team numbers have doubled so has the sponsorship target. This year we aim to pass the R1,000,000 mark for the first time! Help the team reach their goal for the MAD Leadership Foundation.

Target R1000000
Amount Raised R1,100,000

Day Sponsors

Sponsor a day and our runners will do and wear whatever your wildest imagination can muster up.

MAD Events

From bowls days to comedy evenings, the team aim to host a number of rewarding and entertaining events to help spread the word and reach our goals

The Route

It's a long way!


Our Sponsors

The ones who make it all possible

Want to see your companies logo here and all over the streets of South Africa? There are a number of great sponsorship opportunities available, get in touch now!